Awarding Investor Certificate Ceremony and Launch of the First Investment Guide

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On May 21st, four companies have received the Investor Certificate, Pan Union Corporation, Ltd., Li Tjien Development, S.A. (Fortuna Center Plaza), Cladotia Fu Unipessoal, Lda. and the Consórcio Austim Beverage, S.A..

- Pan Union is a foreign investment (Malaysia) in the ship construction, repair and maintenance of $ 17.5 million in Manatuto;
- Li Tjien Development is a national company that will build a commercial and residential in the area of Comoro, Dili, an investment with amount of more than $ 75 million.

- Cladotia Fu is also a national investment in Hera, Dili, more than $ 15 million in animal feed production and animal husbandry.
- Finally, the Austim Beverage Consórcio, an association between Timorese, Australian and Chinese companies, in the production of mineral water in Liquiçá, an investment of $ 3 million.

Alongside with this ceremony, it was also launched the First Timor-Leste Investment Guide, a TradeInvest Timor-Leste publication in partnership with the Portuguese consulting firm EY Portugal (Ernst & Young).

Both activities took place at the CCD (Dili Convention Center) and were led by the Minister of State, Coordinator of Economic Affairs (MECAE), Eng. Estanislau da Silva.

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Dr. Alfredo Pires and the President of ZEESM, Dr. Mari Alkatiri also took part in this ceremony.

There was an exhibition of some private sector investments taking place in Timor-Leste to display their local products and services. They had the opportunity to show and inform the participants about their projects and promote their products.

This ceremony was part of the "Economic Diversification", a side event to the Global Conference on Agenda 2030 organized by GPM and co-organized by institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, ADB, Asia Foundation, UNDP, MCIA, Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture and the Committee on Tax Reform (MdF).