To apply

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To apply for a Declaration of Benefit:
Register your business in Timor-Leste with SERVE, the government business registration authority.
1. Receive from SERVE:
• Certification of Business Registration
• Certificate of Business Registration
• Authorization to Conduct Activity
• Business License

TradeInvest Directorate of Investment Promotion can now assist you to apply for a Declaration of Benefit:

2. Assess eligibility (sector, minimum investment, location, percentage foreign owned)
3. Complete Declaration of Benefit or Special Investment Agreement application forms
4. TradeInvest make technical analysis of documentation and forward to relevant ministries
5. TradeInvest liaise with government ministries as they provide technical comments, and submit a report to the supervisory body.
TradeInvest works with all involved agencies to facilitate the completion and approval of the Declaration of Benefit.