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Main function
• Promoting investment and exportation
• Facilitating the investment and exportation
• Promoting Timor-Leste’s image
• Ensuring the improving of business environment
• Being One-Stop-Service to local and foreign investor and exporter
• Facilitating local and foreign investor with end to end process
 to get Investor/Exporter Certificate and/or Special Investment Agreement
• Monitoring and evaluating the progress of investment
• Providing post-investment assistance

Ezaquiel Babo
Agriculture and Fishery Investment Manager
+670 7770 8354

Directorate of Export Promotion

Decio Ribeiro Sarmento
Director of Export Promotion
+670 7770 8349

Duilio Marino
Export Promotion Manager
+670 7770 8359

Directorate of External Relations and Marketing

Roberto Lai
Director of External Relation and Marketing
+670 7770 8350