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The VI Constitutional Government developed a draft Industrial Policy led by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The draft policy states that Timor-Leste will focus on resource-based industrialization in the short and medium term that is complementary to agriculture, tourism, mining, oil and gas and construction. Resource-based industrialization will focus on agro-processing, construction materials, downstream processing of petrochemicals, and handicrafts.

Potential products that are well-suited for manufacture in Timor-Leste include:
  • Processing of agricultural raw materials, such as rice, coffee, soybean, edible oils and fats (including coconut oil), candlenut oil, soaps, corn flour, animal feed and peanuts.
  • Expanding production of salt and fertilizers.
  • Substituting imports of building materials (including cement, concrete, timber, and bricks)
  • Promoting supply of wood-based (including teak) and bamboo-based products, including in the manufacture of furniture and construction.
  • Adding value to handicrafts through modern processing and assembly technologies.
  • Processing of oil (from crude exports) and oil waste (into carbon fiber) and the development of downstream petrochemical industries