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Located on the north coast of the western part of Timor Island. It is separated from the rest of Timor-Leste by the Indonesian territory which surrounds the small enclave in all directions, except to the north, where it borders the Savu Sea. The district of Oecussi-Ambeno was named after the two original kingdoms which now constitute the district. The territory has 64,025 inhabitants (Census 2010) and an area of 815 km². The capital is the city of Pante Macassar. In this moment, Oecussi-Ambeno is a district almost virgin with a lot of potential and opportunities in the main sectors.

Atauro island and Oecussi make part of Zonas Especiais de Economia Social de Mercado de Timor-Leste. For these zones are developing some projects, such as, the power station, roads, the hotel ZEESM TL, the International Airport of Oecussi, etc.

To Ataúro a Pilot Project of ZEESM TL investing in the development of the tourism sector and the preservation of flora and local fauna.

The process of the Land Use Plan of the island of Ataúro is still in study phase in order to reorganize and structure the island so that it can host a sustained and sustainable tourism development, and always with environmental preservation as a major focus.

For further information you can access this link: http://www.zeesm.tl