Directorate of Export Promotion (DPE) activities

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During the period of 1st to 13th of March 2017, Directorate of Export Promotion (DPE) held number of meetings with coffee companies such as ACTL (Associação de Café de Timor-Leste) represented by Mr. Evangelino Monteiro; Cooperativa Café Timor with Mr. Sisto Piedade; Mr. Jody da Costa of the NGO Peace Coffee; Café Tokodede with Mr. Ademar Martins dos Santos; COCOMAU (Cooperativa Moris Foun Unidade Na’in Maubisse) with Mr. Henrique Costa Nunes; Mr. Carlito Alves and some members from Cooperativa de Comércio Agrícola (C-CAT); the representative of the NGO Peace Winds Japan who works with Café Brisa Serena, Mr. Yuki Ebizawa and, finally, from Outspan Agro Timor, Mr. Chaitanya Varma and Mr. Vivek Singh.

The main objective of these meetings is to socialize the role of TradeInvest, specifically about DPE and at the same time to obtain more information about the company commercial activities and products produced by these companies / cooperatives.

Some of them work in partnership with other NGOs or agencies such as PARCIC, YMCA, and have exported their products to Korea, Japan, Australia, etc.. The production is mostly Arabica coffee both green and white coffee beans sourced from the municipalities of Ainaro, Ermera, Liquiçá, Manufahi and Viqueque.

DPE also visited the local handicraft company, Kor Timor at Timor Plaza in Dili. The company has been producing a number of local products made from tais (the Timor-Leste’s original fabric) such as souvenirs, wallet, bag, laptop bag, calendar, notepad, pen holders and many more. It also has partnerships with other Timorese companies, such as, Boneca Ataúro, Ataúro crafts, Joaquim Joalheiros and etc.

Some of the difficulties that these companies have been facing and shared during the meetings were the lack of financial support and technical and management training to increase their competitiveness. In the specific case of Kor Timor, it exposed the problem of the imitation of tais products by other nations, and market them at a lower price.

One of the functions of DPE that is highlighted in Decree-Law no. 45/2015 (the creation of the Investment and Export Promotion Agency) is to identify a potential exporter, assess their ability and credibility and promote/connect them with potential buyers.

DPE will continue to visit other company with the objective to promote TradeInvest and its functions, as well as, meet local producers / exporters. However the main objective of this activity is to update their database which list potential exporter companies. This activity is inclued in Annual Plan of DPE.